Vocational School

Mr. William Austin, Principal of Wise County Career and Technical Center, presented to the board at the May Board of Education meeting.  He discussed course offerings, certification paths, and highlighted 3 students that earned certifications this year.  Courses offered  are;

  •           Electricity I, II, III 

  •           Automotive Technology I, II, and III

  •           Certified Nursing Assistant I and II

  •           Economics and Personal Finance 

  •           Drafting I, II, and III

  •           Building Trades I and II

  •           Cosmetology I and II

  •           Culinary Arts I and II

  •           Criminal Justice I and II

  •           Welding I, II, III

  •           Welding III – Fabrication

  •           Teachers for Tomorrow

  •           Introduction to Health and Medical Science

  •           Cybersecurity

  •           Career Strategies – Work Based Learning

Recent JMHS graduates Brad Wyatt, Josh Wagner, and Noah Anderson spoke about their certification completions. Brad Wyatt earned a Certified Nurses Assistant (CNA) certification, Josh Wagner earned a Building Trades certification, and Noah Anderson earned a welding certification.

Total Vocational Completions & Certification Earners for this school year;

  • Building Trades - 3 students
  • Electricity - 1 student
  • Nurses Aide - 2 students
  • Cybersecurity - 4 students
  • Culinary Arts - 1 student
  • Welding - 1 student