Kentucky Standards

Testing Resources (Released Items, Practice Test, Testing Scripts, Important Dates, and more)

Higher Order Thinking/Questioning

Blooms Taxonomy Planning Sheet

Blooms Taxonomy Planning PowerPoint

Question Stems Blooms Taxonomy

Differentiation Resources

Differentiation Annotated Strategies

Differentiation Sources

Teachers can click on any of these links to learn more about differentiation.


Instructional Strategies

Writing Strategies

Writing Strategies

Tips for Teachers

ELA Progression Document

Standards Progression Document

English LA Standards

Standards by grade level


Clear Learning Goals

Science Assessment Updates

Assessment Resources

Accountability Calculator, Templates for Assessments, Rubrics

This link will take you to a variety of assessment resources.

Released Items

Visit this link to find EoC and KPREP Released Items.

Curriculum Development

Word Walls

Word Walls are not just for primary grades. Word Walls can be used to enhance the development of vocabulary at all grades and content areas.

Curriculum Resources

Visit this site to access content standards

Kentucky School Report Card

School Report Card

Navigate this link to examine our District's assessment results.

Instructional Strategies Links

Kagan Silly Sports and Goofy Games

Teachers can visit this site for directions on how to implement the silly sports and goofy games incorporated in the Kagan strategies.

The Essential 5: A Starting Point for Using Kagan Structures

Teachers can visit this site to obtain information on the 5 structures they should begin to use with Kagan.

11 Tips for Teaching Critical Vocabulary

Effective Questioning Techniques

Teachers can visit this site to see information about effective questioning techniques.

Free Learning Tools for Educators

Educators can access free resources for implementing Universal Design for Learning Instructional Framework.

Universal Design for Learning Article

Educators can choose this link to learn more about the UDL instructional framework called for in ESSA.

Vocabulary Instruction

Strategies/resources for teaching vocabulary

Writer's Workshop for high school students

Elementary Writer's Workshop Resources

Positive Behavior

This is the site that substitute teachers will visit to receive training on bullying prevention.


Brian Bentley

Instructional Supervisor

As the instructional supervisor for the District, my primary responsibility is to assist teachers in planning and delivering quality instruction at all grade levels. My job entails designing and delivering professional development sessions, obtaining up-to-date instructional materials, attending trainings, assisting with writing plans/policies, observing teachers and offering feedback, analyzing data from a variety of sources, and offering supports, as needed, to teachers and principals.

As always, our District is striving for success as we seek continuous improvement through professional learning sessions, research, and observation. As an instructional leader for JIS, I will focus on assisting teachers with establishing a useable, congruent curriculum; setting clear learning goals for students, planning lessons which embed student engagement, and ramping up the rigor. I will help identify and support untapped teacher talents, and I will assist with supporting the growth and effectiveness of teachers.

Last, and most importantly, I will be in and out of teachers' classrooms observing, assisting, and listening to students to help make sure this school reaches its fullest potential.

Feel free to contact me via