WHERE: Online
WHEN: 2024, June - Find the link on the left side of this page.

The documents below will be collected at a later date. Information will be communicated through the email you provide on the registration form.

Required Documents:

  • Birth Certificate *Must be 5 years old by August 1, 2024

  • Social Security Card

  • School Physical Certificate--dated no earlier than July 1, 2023

  • Kentucky Immunization Certificate

  • Vision Examination Certificate--dated no earlier than January 1, 2024

  • Dental Screening Certificate--dated no earlier than January 1, 2024

Only those students who have turned in all required documents will be eligible to attend KinderCamp July 22nd - August 2nd. These documents will be collected at a later date. Please check the email address you provide on the registration form regularly for more information.


In 2012, the Kentucky Legislature changed the birthday eligibility cutoff date for kindergarteners effective in the 2017-18 school year. Children entering kindergarten must now turn 5 on or before August 1.

For resident students who turn 5 after August 1st, there is an additional process to registration. A petition must be completed for early kindergarten enrollment. This petition, as well as other guidelines, will be available during pre-registration in April. For parents seeking early admittance to Kindergarten, your child will have an additional assessment administered during your appointment, and you will be notified by letter as to whether they meet the requirements for early Kindergarten admittance. Parents/guardians may petition the Board to allow their child to enter school earlier than permitted under statutory age requirements. On receipt of a petition, the District shall conduct an evaluation process to help determine a student’s readiness to engage in and benefit from early entry to school.

For more information please contact:

Danielle Adkins at 832-2711 or danielle.adkins@jenkins.kyschools.us


WHERE: Online

WHEN: Starting, 2024

Additional Required Documents:

  • Same Documents as listed above for Kindergarten

  • Medicaid Card (if eligible)

  • Proof of Income

For more information concerning preschool enrollment, please contact Danielle Adkins at 832-2711. She can also be reached at: danielle.adkins@jenkins.kyschools.us

Preschool Services are provided for the following children: 1.) Children, ages three (3) or four (4), with speech delays or other identified disabilities, regardless of income; 2.) Children who are four (4) years old on or before August 1, 2024 AND who qualify by State income guidelines.